Virtual Array 7100 / 7400 command view stuff

Managing SAN disk array subsystem:

NOTE: must run the following variable set in your telnet session in order to display X apps on your PC: export DISPLAY=myhostname:0 where 'myhostname' is your PC's name. You also must have the X client manager running on your PC.

Command View SDM (Storage Device Management) – software used to manage the array

VAnum1 – the 'alias' name of the Virtual Array disk system

directory of binaries: /opt/sanmgr/commandview/client/sbin

launcher – X client for managing the disk and creating LUNs. On LUN Management tab, Logical LUNs, you can create LUNs.

define LUN: This term is an acronym for Logical Unit. It is used as the primary means for dividing the entire capacity of the array into smaller, individually addressable, units. When created, contains no data. Read operations directed to this logical drive will return the format pattern until writes have been performed on the same locations.

cvui – command line menu based interface for managing the array. It's nice in the fact that it displays the command being run when you select a menu item. You can also log the commands and their results to a file if you wish.

cmdviewVA VAnum1 – Same as launcher, but skips first dialog listing the VA selection screen.

Then run sam, go under "Disks and File Systems/Disk Devices" to configure the volume group, logical volume(s), file system, etc.

listing free and used space on disks:

list kbytes of disk usage; use without 's' option to display all the files

du -sk /directory/path

pretty listing of total space allocated, used and free.

df -k /filesystem_mount

df -k /u* -- shows all /u00-u12 files system stats

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