lanadmin options for gigabit cards

some good stuff here: http://docs.hp.com/en/J5683-90002/ch02s02.html

specifically I like the lanadmin -x card_info PPA   it gives you firmware, driver versions, etc. level details.  example below for a port on a HP A9784-60002 PCI/PCI-X 1000Base-T FC/GigE Combo Adapter
*********** Version Information **********
Driver version: B.11.23.0609
Firmware version: 1.0.9/1.11
Chip version: 0x10
PCI Sub-System ID: 0x12ca (1000Base-T)
PCI Sub-Vendor ID: 0x103c
Board Revision: A0
Software Key: 0
Engineering Date Code: A-4550

********** Card Setting ***********
Auto Negotiation: On
Flow Control: On
Send Max Buf Descriptors: 10
Recv Max Buf Descriptors: 1
Send Coalesced Ticks: 150
Recv Coalesced Ticks: 0


using font server with Cygwin/X

In cygwin\bin\startxwin.bat

%RUN% XWin -multiwindow -clipboard -silent-dup-error -fp tcp/FONT_SERVER:7000

where FONT_SERVER is the name or address of the font server, typically tcp port 7000