headless ubuntu / linux

if you are running a headless ubuntu / linux server and have no remote
console at all and it's important for the OS to boot without requiring
interaction make sure you do this:


set GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOUT=2 (or whatever timeout you want). and of
course, run update-grub.

This will prevent it from sitting / hanging at the grub menu because
of a power failure or whatever.....


avio_stor and avio_lan on hpvm guest

slow network performance was fixed by changing the adapter type from
lan to avio_lan.

Here's a quick way to do it:

## where 0,0 is the bus,dev (found from hpvmstatus –P $vm_name )of
the disks -- may list multiple -m

hpvmmodify -P VM -m hba:avio_stor:0,0

## where 0,1 is the bus,dev (found from hpvmstatus -P $vm_name) and
lan2 is the vswitch name

hpvmmodify -P VM -m network:avio_lan:0,1:vswitch:lan2