dmisp daemon on HP-UX hogging CPU

It's no longer used much anymore and there's a bug in it which will cause it to consume tons of cpu on the system.  Turn it off:

ps -ef | grep -i dmisp
/sbin/init.d/Dmisp stop
ch_rc -l -p START_DMI ; ch_rc -a -p START_DMI=0 ; ch_rc -l -p START_DMI


Google Toolbar shortcut - firefox 2

Customize Firefox (2), remove the History menu so that the google toolbar shortcut key will work. If the history menu is present, it overrides the keyboard shortcut for the google toolbar focus (alt - s). Use the instructions here: Geek to Live: Consolidate Firefox's chrome - Lifehacker

The History Menu used to be called the "go" menu, so use the #go-menu keyword