Windowsupdate error 0x80072F76

When trying Windows Update (www.windowsupdate.com or update.microsoft.com) I got the following error instead of the normal "Express" and "Custom" scan buttons:
The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. The options provided below might help you solve the problem.
error 0x80072F76

Along with these entries in %systemroot%\WindowsUpdate.log:
2006-03-18 15:29:28  372 cd0 Misc WARNING: DownloadFileInternal failed for http://update.microsoft.com/v6/windowsupdate/selfupdate/wuident.cab : error 0x80072f76
2006-03-18 15:29:28  372 cd0 WUWeb FATAL: CheckIfClientUpdateNeeded failed: error 0x80072f76


TDS accelerator was enabled and running.  I disabled the TDS download accelerator and was able to scan for updates on Windowsupdate.




Online pages where you can post URL encoded (%20, etc...) data and get the decoded (human readable) version. On both of these sites you can encode or decode a URL.


disable the F8 safe mode

Here's how to disable the F8 key to get into safe mode.  You may want to use this in a kiosk environment where you want to prevent someone going into safe mode:

aka http://tinyurl.com/h89j3



Unload application disbled /greyed out in IIS

In IIS6 application unloading / recycling is handled differently.  You may notice that the "Unload" button is greyed out or disabled in the Application Settings area.  This is because the application is in native IIS 6 mode using application pools.  Synonymous to unloading the application in IIS 5 is the concept of recycling the application pool in IIS6, see the Application Pools folder in IIS manager (inetmgr).  The only time the Unload button will work is if the IIS web service is running in IIS 5.0 isolation mode and the Application Protection is set to either Medium or High.