dbprofile on Itanium servers (and 4.0+ HPVM)

at EFI shell:
display dbprofile:

add/update profile named "ignite" providing only one parameter: dhcp
dbprofile -dn ignite -dhcp

when modifying the profile, only the parameters that are changing need to be listed; you don't need to re-do the entire syntax

three ways that work: first two only work if the ignite server and client are in the same ethernet broadcast domain (subnet).
  - last option gives fast boot time, first and second options requires less administration.

1. dbprofile -dn ignite -dhcp
2. dbprofile -dn ignite -dhcp -b "/opt/ignite/boot/nbp.efi"
3. dbprofile -dn ignite -sip IGNITE.IP.ADDRESS -cip CLIENT.IP.ADDRESS -gip GATEWAY.IP.ADDRESS -m NETMASK -b "/opt/ignite/boot/nbp.efi"

example - ignite IP,  client IP, gateway/router IP, netmask
dbprofile -dn ignite -sip -cip -gip -m -b "/opt/ignite/boot/nbp.efi"

to actually use the dbprofile:
lanboot -dn ignite
or to pick a specific NIC to boot from: lanboot select -dn ignite

to find list of NICs, run:

sometimes on NPARS, not all NICs show up, so do the following to re-connect the EFI drivers:
reconnect -r


HPUX 11.31 lvm2

Wow LVM2 found in HPUX 11.31 has lifted a lot of burdensome limits on volume groups.  vgcreate automatically creates the  device group file; VGs are only limited by the MAX VG size you specify when creating the VG, using the -S option; hitting the max VG size is the only case where a backup/recreate/restore is needed.  Here's a list of helpful commands:

LVMP_CONF_PATH_NON_BOOT  found in /etc/lvmrc  (in March 2010 release)  allows lvm2 vg configuration file backups to an alternate location because of the large size of VG 2.X backups

lvmadm - (-t) displays limits of LVM1 and LVM2 VG 1.0 and VG 2.0 and up;  (-l) also lists the contents of /etc/lvmtab and lvmtab_p

lvmadm -l
--- Version 1.0 volume groups ---
VG Name /dev/vg00
PV Name /dev/disk/disk3_p2

--- Version 2.1 volume groups ---
VG Name /dev/vgXX
PV Name /dev/disk/diskXXX

convert from legacy to persistent DSF: use vgdsf
/usr/contrib/bin/vgdsf –c vgXX

vgcreate using the new LVM2 VG2.0+ notation:
vgcreate -V 2.1 -s 16 -S 4t vgXXX /dev/disk/diskxxx /dev/disk/diskxxx

convert from VG1.0 to VG2.0+
The -r does a "review" to make sure the VG can be converted.
vgversion -V 2.1 -r vgXX

before the convert will run the VG has to be deactivated:
vgchange -a n vgXX
vgversion -V 2.1 vgXX

ioscan new options for persistent dsfs:
ioscan -m dsf /dev/disk/disk127
Persistent DSF           Legacy DSF(s)
/dev/disk/disk127        /dev/dsk/c5t5d0