Extra line breaks problem - Outlook 2003

How to stop Outlook from removing and screwing up the format. query: extra line breaks message removed outlook 2003

Two ways: Put two space at the beginning of each line: Article that describes the problem

Or turn off the option in Outlook 2003: Tools, Options, E-mail Options, uncheck: remove extra line breaks in plain text messages. Found this from the Jan 11, 2006 response to the article from "David".

learn HP-UX

One way to learn HP-UX commands is to use the key shell (keysh).  If you have a terminal that supports function keys, such as Reflection for HP, key shell will turn those function keys into prompts for different commands.  Once a command is finished, you'll see the exact command that is submitted to the shell, which makes learning the options easy.

Another good way to get familiar with HP systems is to use the HP-UX Software Recovery Handbook.  You can find individual PDF chapters for the handbook on HP's ITRC (I.T. Resource Center):  http://itrc.hp.com  (login required).  Look under the "knowledge trees" for "HP-UX Software Recovery Handbook"

Disable USB mass storage in Windows

Article discusses data security issues with USB mass storage devices and links to a MS article showing how to disable the drivers:
TechRepublic Blog: How secure is your data?

HOWTO: Use Group Policy to disable USB, CD-ROM, Floppy Disk and LS-120 drivers