No manual entry for man

error message when trying to get standard man pages: No manual entry for XXXX

I figured out why the normal man pages don't work on some systems.  The file /etc/MANPATH overrides the MANPATH variable when /etc/profile runs.  So to fix it just add the "normal" man page locations to /etc/MANPATH:


resizing terminal and fixing

eval $(ttytype -s)
eval $(resize)    -- xterms

HP 9000 servers model numbers

Good reference to use between the 'model' command and the 'standard' name for the server model:

ITO / OVO Openview java client

HP ITO, OVO Openview Operations java client for windows, command line options:

C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP VP Java Console>
"C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP VP Java Console\ito_op.bat" -help
started with the server hostname as the first parameter.
You can also select from the following parameters:
 -user "username"    ... "username" for login
 -passwd "password"  ... "password" for login
 -server "hostname"  ... default server for login (same as first parameter)
 -display "hostname" ... sets display hostname for X applications
 -nowin              ... starts JavaGUI without a DOS window
 -plugin             ... starts JavaGUI as plugin
 -trace              ... enables tracing
 -nosec              ... disables secure JavaGUI
 -help               ... displays this page

My normal run string:
"C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP VP Java Console\ito_op.bat"  -server my_server_name -nowin -user myuseraccount


fsadm - fails with error extending file system

Encountered on HP-UX 11.00:

/$ fsadm -F vxfs -b 20448M /directory
vxfs fsadm: cannot open /directory/lost+found/.fsadm - errno 2

ls /directory   --- no lost+found there.

man mklost+found

cd /directory

/directory$ mklost+found
creating slots...
removing dummy files...
drwxr-x---   2 root       sys           4096 Aug 21 09:34 /directory/lost+found

now fsadm succeeds