HP-UX EMS config / tips

HPUX config and tips:

The Event Monitoring Services are a part of the Online Diagnostics. This part is also called HW-Monitoring. The HW-Monitors watch for the Hardware and report via different notification channels to the user or sysadmin.

The Hardware monitors are divided into Event and Status monitoring.

Run the Hardware Monitoring Request Manager by typing:


This tool is stored in /etc/opt/resmon/lbin and has only a character interface. After installation of Event monitoring there are some monitors already configured.

The GUI to configure Hardware Monitor request is used with SAM. When SAM is started there is a entry Resource Management. This entry shows a new submenu with an entry like Event Monitoring Service. This will start the GUI interface.

1 custom hardware Event monitoring request: All events (hardware problems) from all monitors will be sent to the pager group (see /etc/mail/aliases) this is done via monconfig. The Status monitoring requests are configured via SAM (Resource Management/Event Monitoring Service) or via the following command: /opt/resmon/bin/emsui /opt/resmon/bin/EMSconfig.ui The only things that can be monitored via this GUI are: filesystem space available status events and number of jobs in job queues JobQueues status events. We are: monitoring number of jobs in job queues and available MB on filesystems if below 70MB.

• Files Installed - EMS Bundles:





• Startup scripts:

Starts EMS persistence client: /sbin/init.d/ems

based on config file: /etc/rc.config.d/ems

Starts the EMS SNMP subagent: /sbin/init.d/emsa

based on config file: /etc/rc.config.d/emsagtconf

• EMS Daemons started:

At system boot:

Persistence Client: /etc/opt/resmon/lbin/p_client

EMS SNMP subagent: /etc/opt/resmon/lbin/emsagent

At configuration time upon client connect:

Registrar: /etc/opt/resmon/lbin/registrar

p_client (persistence client) is started by init (1M), and respawned by init if it dies.

p_client checks for dead monitors and restarts them (and any outstanding monitoring requests). Default interval is every 2 minutes (interval set in /etc/opt/resmon/config)

p_client runs at system startup to restart monitors and any outstanding monitoring requests

For EMS configuration problems, refer to:


For EMS monitor problems, refer to:


For EMS framework problems, refer to:


These three files are the most interesting files from EMS. But there is also the default log file/var/opt/resmon/event.log. This file will be used for HW Monitoring and default

Notification if Text file is used.

The three logfiles will grow and when they reached about 500kB then they are automatically

moved to <logfile>.old. If the logfile is increased to 500kB it will be moved again.

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