Help USB to serial adapter

I'm looking for some advice:  anyone out there that uses a USB to rs232 serial adapter to connect to the local console port on HP9000 boxes successfully on several old and new models?

I bought a USB-serial adapter at best buy, installed the drivers and connected it to a local console port of several rp2450.  I can only receive screen updates from the console, but my keystrokes (transmit) isn't working from the PC to the console port.  However, on a new BL860c blade and an L1500 I can both send and receive via this usb-serial adapter.

Do you have a clue what could be the problem?  If anyone reading this blog knows, please post a comment!  Thanks  >/dev/null

GSP firmware notes

If you aren't locally connected to a GSP and want to upgrade the firmware, you can do it via the lan console. You'll have to either be connect via local console or via the GSP's internal port.

All of the following information was gleaned from:

to get the version of the GSP: the 'he' command will show version in the first line of output:
Hardware Revision 8 Firmware Revision A.01.10 May 24 2001,11:05:55

to access the GSP via the "internal port", which might not work on all GSP versions:

create the device file for the gsp internal port, delete device file when done for security reasons:
cd /dev
mknod tty1p0 c 1 0x010000

vi /usr/lib/uucp/Systems and add the following line exactly:
gspiport Any;5 gspiport,f900 - ''''\r\d\r\d\r ogin:-BREAK-ogin: uucp asswrd: uucp-BREAK-ogin: uucp asswrd: uucp

vi /usr/lib/uucp/Devices and add the following exactly:
gspiport tty1p0 - 9600 direct

connect via:
cu -l /dev/tty1p0

do the firmware upgrade via the XU command.

to exit the cu command type the following two characters: ~.

download latest gsp revision A firmware from: http://forums11.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/questionanswer.do?threadId=1190612


change dce account description "gecos field"

How to change dce account description: "gecos field"

login to dce:  dce_login

then open the dce command prompt:   dcecp

at the dcecp> prompt, change the description of the ssl account; replace whatever you want between the quotation marks:

dcecp>  account modify -description "This is, part 2, of the, 4 part gecos field"  this_dce_account

then view the account change:

dcecp> account show this_dce_account

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