putty command sender

Putty Command Sender:  http://www.millardsoftware.com/puttycs

Sends keystrokes to putty windows.  Filters allow selection of putty sessions/windows to which the commands are sent.  You can exclude/include and use wildcards in the filter.  I don't think it supports regular expressions other than * and ?  Allows arrow keys, control characters, and a lot more.

Be real careful when using this, experiment first on lab systems.

how to add a bulk load of putty sessions

add bunch of putty sessions.  This requires cygwin base install which includes the sed command.  Be sure to add \cygwin\bin to the path:
create a "template" putty session with all the settings you want.  go into the registry and export the session: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SimonTatham\PuTTY\Sessions\session_name

put a list of machine names in test.txt

then in dos:

for /f %a in (test.txt) do type m.reg | sed -e 's/Template_NAME/%a/g'>> all.reg

These sessions can then be used in putty session manager or any of the other putty related tools.