Copy IAS configuration

I was getting a Reason-Code 16 in the system eventlog on a Windows 2003 ISA server and didn't know if the secret for the Radius clients was wrong, or if my config was wrong.  I had a Windows 2000 IAS server that was functioning fine.

I copied the IAS config from the Win2k box to the 2k3 box:

By running netsh aaaa config > 2000.txt   and then running netsh exec 2000.txt on the Windows 2003 server.

Then my 2003 IAS started working.

RightFax Fax Cover Sheet conversion issues

The workservers would hang or crash when using Microsoft Word to convert the FCS.  You couldn't stop them in the Enterprise Fax Manager; they would just stay in a "stopping" state.  You would have to kill the workserver.exe processes.  Converting these to the RightFax native PCL format solved the issue and increased the stability and performance of RightFax in a huge way.


FCS (Fax Cover Sheets) are stored in Rightfax\FCS.  The source (word document) file is in a subfolder of FCS.  Typically the cover sheet should be PCL format.  See the AdministratorsGuide.pdf for details on how to create a FCS.


Using the built-in Windows 2000 HP LaserJet 4000 PCL driver produced the best results for us.


Here are some articles from Captaris that are useful:

190 - How do I run a RightFax 8.x or 9.0 WorkServer in Debug Mode?

3537 - Important information on Server Side Application (SSA) conversion using Microsoft Office applications


Basically don't use Word to do your fax cover sheet (FCS) conversion…..


Changing MSDE sa password

How to change the sa password of a MSDE database - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/321081

RightFax 9.0 upgrade from 8.5

I recently lead an upgrade and migration to a new physical server from Rightfax 8.5 on Win2k to 9.0 (with SP2) on Win2003 with Brooktrout TR114 Fax boards.  Here are some "Answer ID" documents from Captaris' knowledge base that are fairly important when migrating the configuration to a new server:
www.captaris.com look under support / knowledge base
2110 - Upgrading to RightFax version 9.0
I would also recommend taking screen shots or documenting all the settings in the control panel's applets on the old server.
Rightfax installs MSDE by default and it has a default 'sa' account with a blank password.  See the following answer ID and kb article title for a description of the areas in the Rightfax configuration that you need to change.
3449 - How do I change my 'sa' password in MSDE, and where do I modify the password in RightFax 9.0 SP1?
During the install I mistyped the password or username that a number of the Rightfax services run under.  (The installer will tell you the password or username is wrong but doesn't let you go back and correct the issue).  This causes the Workserver1, workserver2, workserver3 services never to be created and thus the Rightfax services don't startup properly.  I got a bunch of errors in event logs.  To recreate the services (this applies to any Rightfax service), you use the proper RightFax control panel applet (or right-click, configure the service in Enterprise Fax Manager).  In this case, open the "RightFax WorkServer" applet and then select the button at the bottom: "Select Service Account" and fill in the fields.  When you OK out of the dialogs the Workserver1,2,3 will be recreated.  Again if you foo-barred the password during the install you will need to do this on the following control panel applets:  RightFax E-Mail Gateway, RightFax Server (in the Advanced tab), and the RightFax WorkServer.  If more Rightfax options are installed, more applets may be installed.
Also Windows 2003 contains Brooktrout fax board drivers, but they don't work with the driver that RightFax needs/uses.  I had to follow the following knowledgebase articles:
215 - RightFax & Windows 2003 - How to remove the Brooktrout TR114/TruFAX PnP driver
After following that article I still needed to remove the faxboards in the RightFax DocTransport applet then re-add them.  This recreated the FaxBoard service so that it did not depend on the bfax driver.  If I didn't remove the fax boards and re-add them, then I got a whole bunch of errors in the event log.