HP-UX performance utils

MeasureWare (aka HP OpenView Performance Agent (OVPA)) – MWA (agent)

(NOTE The name MeasureWare Agent (MWA) has been replaced with HP

OpenView Performance Agent (OV Performance Agent or OVPA) for

UNIX and the name PerfView for UNIX has been replaced with OV

Performance Manager for UNIX throughout this documentation.

However, the process names and software components operationally

remain MeasureWare Agent (MWA) and PerfView.)

/opt/perf/examples/ - example config files

/opt/perf/bin/perfstat – checks status of agent processes

/var/opt/perf/datafiles – raw binary data files kept here

/var/opt/perf - config files kept here

alarmdef – alarm definition config file

parm - overall parameters config file

/opt/perf/bin/utility – outputs data from logfiles to stdout or files

/opt/perf/bin/extract – makes copies of raw binary data files for archival purposes or exports data from log files to standard format (csv, etc.)

mwa stop servers - stop mwa servers: alarm server, scopeux, etc. -- needed if you see a defunct process continually coming up: possible alarmdef file setting screwed up or corrupt.

Usage = mwa <action> <subsys> <parms>

<action> = status, start, stop, restart, demo, version

<subsys> = scope, server, alarm, db, desktop, all

<parms> = -midaemon <miparms>

See man midaemon for <miparms>

<action> and <subsys> may be entered in any order,

but if <parms> is supplied, then it must be entered last

Defaults: <action>=start, <subsys>=all, <parms>=""

note: mwa stop alarm is not valid.

mwa stop server will stop alarms and servers.

ARM (Applicaton Response Measurement): tracking application response as a whole as apposed to opposed to monitoring individual process.

GlancePlus – glance or (x) gpm

top – display top processes

uptime - system load, users and time since last boot

PRM – Process Resource Management: assigns levels of CPU/MEM/DISK/Application resources to particular users or processes. Sounds kind-of cool

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