start a search when opening a file in vi

To start a search when opening a file: vi +/Search_string /tmp/filename
It'll open a vi session placing your cursor at the start of the line containing the first match of the keyword.   You can hit 'n' to continue the search like normal


cimprovagt using too much memory

if cimprovagt is using too much memory, you can restart it by restarting the whole cimserver ( /sbin/init.d/cim_server stop / start  OR cimserver -s ; cimserver ).  Or you can just disable then re-enable the module.  There seems to be lots of memory leaks in the modules, or upgrade if possible.

- Identify the provider:
# ps -ef | grep cimprovagt
# cimprovider -l -s

- Disable provider sample:

#cimprovider -d -m MODULE

#cimprovider -l -s

or shutdown/start the module:
#cimprovider -d -m MODULE
#cimprovider -e -m MODULE