Gnome / KDE keyboard shortcuts

Linux Desktop manager: Gnome and KDE keyboard shortcuts

non-printable chars in filename

ls -al on a directory produced a "blank" file name.  to see the non-printable  character, pipe the output to more:

ls -al | more

The file show up as a DEL char (^?); so to delete or view the file do a control-v and ? for the filename.

configure HP-UX kernel


cd /stand/build
/usr/lbin/sysadm/system_prep -v -s system

make changes to the /stand/build/system file to add or remove whatever
/usr/sbin/kmsystem -S /stand/build/system -c Y driver-name

creates the /stand/build/vmunix_test
/usr/sbin/mk_kernel -s /stand/build/system

mv /stand/system /stand/system.prev
mv /stand/build/system /stand/system

updates /stand/vmunix and create a bacup /stand/vmunix -> /stand/vmunix.prev before.
/usr/sbin/kmupdate -- tells shutdown script to do the above.


determine bitness of HPUX

HP-UX 64 or 32 bit? :  getconf HW_CPU_SUPP_BITS

Sometime you need to determine this whether to install the 32 or 64 bit version of ODE.