transition from Windows to chromebook keyboards for Chrome remote desktop

transitioning from Windows keyboards to chromebook keyboard is somewhat problematic if you use the windows key when doing chrome remote desktop.

some of this was found by trial and error - others found via the "View Keyboard Overlay":  control + alt + /  somewhere on a native chrome screen.

Here's the deal - on the chromebook keyboard when connected via remote desktop:
the right control key is the "windows" key
use the right control and right alt keys in combination with tab to do the windows "ALT - TAB" sequence
finally to issue the F-keys: use the search key.  For example:  to do a windows ALT-F4 to close an app/window, push this combo:  ALT + search + full screen (or number 4)

Another issue I found was doing page up / page down / home / end keys.  in Chrome Remote Desktop use the search key + right arrow for home ; search + left arrow for end ; search + up for page up ; search + down for page down.

Also to make the remote desktop viewing better I suggest you use "curtain mode" which will require you add the following registry keys and entry:


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JohnJohnJohn said...

Thanks! My wife loves her Chromebook, but these remote desktop limitations are what made me not get one. I'm going to try it out as soon as I get the chance. I hope it works to my satisfaction because other than this, I REALLY want a a Chromebook!