openvpn and windows 8 fix for "Route: Waiting for TUN/TAP interface to come up..."

Windows 8 and OpenVPN client - doesn't make a true, successful
connection (can't ping, etc). Typically the log file will show
something like this: "Route: Waiting for TUN/TAP interface to come

first, be sure to run the gui as Administrator (shortcut properties
"Advanced" button).

The fix is easy, just open the "Network and Sharing Center" (use the
search function if necessary). Just open it and leave it open -
nothing needs to be done inside it. You can minimize it and continue
to work. Disconnect/re-connect openvpn to test. Is strange, but
works - until the bugs in openvpn or the TAP driver is fixed.


Anonymous said...

Best solution for this is to go into device manger --> right click on TAP Windows Adapter --> Properties --> Advanced --> Media Status --> Change the value to "Always Connected"

Juan said...

Excellent Anonymous!

Vikas Singh said...

thanx bro...its work

Elen said...

I tried a few differrent solutions - nothing changed. But this one works!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Anonymous

Ariel Castelluccio said...

Works !!!! Tnx Anonynous !!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, its working.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much!! it saved my time!