serviceguard error renaming hosts

The following is from renaming hosts or changing their IP addresses in a SG cluster.  In addition to changing all the cluster configuration files (cmclnodelist, cluster ascii, package ascii and control files) from the old names to the new names, you also probably need to delete /etc/cmcluster/cmclconfig (the cluster binary config file).  The old IP address are "stuck" in there and cmcheckconf or cmapplyconf  won't proceed without deleting the cluster binary file.

If you don't delete it, here's the message you will receive when running cmapplyconf or cmcheckconf:

Checking nodes ... Done
Checking existing configuration ... Done
Warning: Unable to get configuration for cluster CLUSTER_NAME
Error: Node HOSTNAME is refusing Serviceguard communication.
Please make sure that the proper security access is configured on node
HOSTNAME through either file-based access (pre-A.11.16 version) or role-based
access (version A.11.16 or higher) and/or that the host name lookup
on node HOSTNAME resolves the IP address correctly.
cmcheckconf : Failed to gather configuration information

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Charlie said...

everything you mentioned about and it still wouldn't let me run cmcheckconf. I am having to reinstall SG.