ECC agent fails or hosts don't appear

the hosts don't appear in the EMC Control Center (ECC) master server, or one does but then is replace by another. Sometimes the agent starts, but then unexpectedly quits/dies. If you clone your boxes, exclude /var/ECC or else!

Otherwise just: stop the agent; nuke /var/ECC ; restart agent is the fix for this issue it seems

open a http://powerlink.emc.com account and see the article: "Hostname change not reflected in ControlCenter console." EMC doc ID: emc139067

Looks like you also need to remove a couple more files in /usr/ecc/exec any files with the extensions .lck, .port, .uid and .comfile

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Anonymous said...

This hint worked great for me. I was beating my head for a while to find where the host specific information was kept. thanks