NFS exports to PC clients on EMC Celerra

Doing NFS exports to a PC client normally requires and authentication daemon running on the host system: pcnfsd on unix systems, just referred to as pcnfs on EMC Celerra   So it's more complicated than setting up NFS for Unix clients.

do a powerlink (powerlink.emc.com) search for: pcnfs celerra
look for a pdf document titled: Configuring NFS on Celerra
one of the appendixes: NFS Authentication for PC Clients

There's also a primus article regarding pcnfs: emc43806, below is the gist of the article:

# Set up a user account.
#     Open the /nas/server/server_x/netd file with a text editor, add pcnfs on a separate line, and save the file.
#     Where x is the number of the Data Mover.
#     Reboot the Data Mover.
#     Export a file system for the user(s) to access.
#     On the PC, launch the PC-NFS. Refer to the vendor's respective user manual for details on what is required
          at this point for setup and/or login.
#     Enter the username and password as required by the software package.

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