make Firefox in Ubuntu look much better

The look and feel of web pages in FireFox in Ubuntu (possibly other Linux distros) by default stinks (in my opinion).  Trying to convert myself from Windows solely to Linux, this has been hard, but I found a way to make the fonts look really good in Firefox (improves the entire experience):

Change the fonts in preferences:

where it says, serif, select 'Bitstream Vera Serif'
where it says, Sans-serif, select 'Bitsteam Vera Sans
where it says, Monospace, select 'Bitsteam Vers Sans Mono'


Zeth said...

But could you notice any difference? Many web pages will try to overrule your choice anyway.

Noah said...

helped me a lot!


Anonymous said...

Google results isn't showing nicely on my lcd, even with these settings. Ubuntu is great but this font problem broke my browsing xp.

Jeremiah Kellogg said...

Wow, this helped me a lot! My Firefox fonts now display a lot better in Ubuntu. Thanks!