vdump to tape and file simultaneously

Use vdump to output to stdout, pipe it to tee and have tee send it to the tape device, then redirect stdout from tee to a file or another tape device.
fileset to backup: /mycrap/mountpoint
vdump -0f - /mycrap/mountpoint | tee /dev/ntape/tape1c > /morestuff/vdumpbackup
Using the -q (quiet) option still results in 4 lines from vdump going to stderr:
path     : /mycrap/mountpoint
dev/fset : crapdomain#mntpt
type     : advfs
advfs id : 0x3cbae55e.010baf45.b
You can kind just redirect stderr to /dev/null in that case.  I don't like the idea of that in case of 'real' errors going to stderr, then you'll miss them.  The above example would then be:
vdump -0f - /mycrap/mountpoint 2>/dev/null | tee /dev/ntape/tape1c > /morestuff/vdumpbackup

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