modify Tru64 kernel parameters

How to modify Tru64 kernel parameters / attributes / subsystems:
Always backup the /etc/sysconfigtab file first before attempting any of this!!
Always merge instead of using the -u or -a option of sysconfigdb; you will overwrite what was in /etc/sysconfigtab.

see sysconfigdb -l proc  to see what values are recorded in /etc/sysconfigtab

sysconfig -q proc max-threads-per-user max-proc-per-user > dave

vi dave
max-threads-per-user = 8192
max-proc-per-user = 8192

sysconfigdb -m -f dave proc

sysconfig -q pts nptys > dave
vi dave
nptys = 2048

sysconfigdb -m -f dave proc

sysconfig -q ipc sem-msl sem-mni shm-max > dave
vi dave
sem-msl = 50
sem-mni = 128
shm-max = 2147483648

sysconfigdb -m -f dave ipc

restart the system

verify the values:
sysconfig -q proc max-threads-per-user max-proc-per-user
sysconfig -q pts nptys
sysconfig -q ipc sem-msl sem-mni shm-max


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