Event ID 8 on Windows 2000 cluster

Windows 2000 cluster, running IIS ftp as a cluster resource:
Event log entry almost every 5 seconds, even when no connections are being made to the IIS ftp server:
Event Type: Error
Event Source: MSFTPSVC
Event Category: None
Event ID: 8
Date:  11/22/2005
Time:  5:55:45 PM
User:  N/A
Computer: NODE1
FTP Server could not create a client worker thread for user at host  The connection to this user is terminated.  The data is the error.
For additional information specific to this message please visit the Microsoft Online Support site located at:
Put the IP of the cluster ( in this case) in address restrictions and the event log entry no longer happens, except for when an unauthorized IP tries to connect to the cluster ftp.  You must restart the IIS resource in the cluster to stop the event log from appearing.
client behavior:
C:\>ftp cluster
Connected to cluster.domain.com.
530 Connection refused, unknown IP address.
User (cluster.domain.com:(none)):
C:\>ftp node1
Connected to node1.domain.com.
Connection closed by remote host.

not quite related to this issue, but has same event log entry:
Event ID 8 When Clients Try to Access IIS FTP Site - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/293637

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