Epic Print Service running on Windows 2000 cluster

The upgrade from EPS version Fall 2004 to Spring 2005 IU2 caused the EPS service name to change from "epicprintservice" to  "EpicPrintService722".  Had to change that in the cluster configuration which requires the resource to be taken offline/ brought online when change is complete.
Caveats to running EPS on a windows print cluster:
1.  One locally installed printer must exist on each cluster node/member.  Restart(take offline/bring online in cluadmin) the EPS service if the printer was installed while EPS was running.
2.  Printer Path in the Epic device table needs to be the full unc for the printer.  Using the short name (the printer name by itself) doesn't work if all your printers are defined on the cluster name and not on the nodes directly (which is the way print clustering works).

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Anonymous said...

If the printers are locally defined on the machine that runs the EPS, then you can name it as a local printer without the UNC path.