find number of lun paths for emc devices hpux 11.31

here's one way to find the count or total lun paths for each emc device on hpux 11.31 without powerpath.  all it requires is emc solutions enabler or you might be able to adopt this to syminq as well

/usr/symcli/bin/sympd list | grep -i rdisk | awk '{print $1,$2,$3}' | while read dev sym saport
echo lun: $sym  sa-port: $saport  dev: $dev
scsimgr get_info -D $dev | grep -i "LUN path" | grep -E 'LUN path count|Active|Standby|Failed'
done | mailx -r example@example.com -s "`hostname` - Lun Path counts for each device"  me@example.com

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