script itanium ILO

to change a large number of itanium ILOs - you will have to create an
"expect" script to power this. You can send ssh command to the ILO
like this:
ssh Admin@iloname.company.com uc -change Admin -password [NEW PASSWORD] -nc

but unfortunately you are still prompted for the ILO password every
connection. Therefore to get this really scripted you need to use

The cpqlocfg utility only works on the proliant ILOs. I didn't think
there was a difference between the Proliant ILO and Integrity ILOs,
but it seems there is quite a bit.

This kind of explains the options:
Scripting Techniques: Integrated Lights Out (iLO & iLO 2) for
Integrity and HP9000 Entry-Level Servers

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