EMC Open Migrator

move / sync data transparently to end user - better than rsync cause
it's synced real time via dynamic kernel module. it works on raw
logical volumes. Here's how it works. you configure new logical
volumes of the exact same size as the old ones using new LUNs (and a
new VG of course, which is a good time to maybe change the VG details
- max PE, etc). then create session files which "pair" up the old LV
to new LV. Once the sync is complete and you can take an outage,
unmount the old LV and VG and new ones too. Then stop the session and
mount the new stuff.

Open Migrator (OpenMigrator or OM) details:

create session file, /tmp/session1_pairs contents:
/dev/vg00/rlvol11 /dev/new-vg00/rlvol1

/sbin/stormigrate create -file /tmp/session1_pairs -session u01
/sbin/stormigrate list
/sbin/stormigrate activate -s u01
/sbin/stormigrate show -s u01
/sbin/stormigrate copy -s u01
/sbin/stormigrate query -s u01
/sbin/stormigrate query -i 5 -s u01
/sbin/stormigrate query -miostat -s u01

/sbin/stormigrate tune -ceiling 40
/sbin/stormigrate tune -mio_recover_action log
/sbin/stormigrate tune -mio_recover_action term

higher IO:
/sbin/stormigrate tune -iosize 128 -mio_perf_ratio 500

umount /u01
vi /etc/fstab -- update to san-np01
then deactivate session:
/sbin/stormigrate deactivate -s u01
/sbin/stormigrate delete -session u01

mount /u01
bdf /u01 -- verify using new VG and lvol

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