ECC agent install issues on HPUX

if you have file systems listed in fstab that won't mount, dont think you can get away by doing an -x mount_all_filesystems=false.  You'll probably need to comment them out of fstab.  ECC is sometimes bundled and kicks off a secondary swinstall that doesn't get any options passed to it.
also if you get the following message in swagent.log:

An unsupported version of Master Agent was found.  Please uninstall from /usr/ecc to continue.
./install_native.sh[372]: /usr/ecc/install_native.log: Cannot create the specified file.
but yet, there is no /usr/ecc.....    it's finding a file in /var/emc/.eccrc and thinks there's a previous version installed - just delete that file and try again.

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