swinstall strange errors - check your hosts file for correct IP

if you get any of the following weird errors doing sdux command, then make sure your hosts file has the correct IP address for the hostname.

swacl, swreg, swinstall 
ERROR:   There is no "depot" ACL at "XXXXXXXXXXX".  The object is, or is part of, a read-only depot.

ERROR:   Could not open remote depot/root
         "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX".  The remote daemon failed to
         create the remote agent process:  You do not have the proper
         permissions to perform the requested operation.  Generally,
         this either means the ACL protecting the software object does
         not grant you the permission required for this operation, or
         the software object is part of an unregistered depot.  Use
         "swacl -v" to list and/or edit the ACL, use "swlist -l depot"
         to list registered depots, and use "swreg -l depot" to
         register an unregistered one
ERROR:   Cannot open source.  Check above for errors, as well as the
         daemon logfile on the source host (default location:

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