logname error in rlogin session on particular tty

when you rlogin and your tty is pts/0 (/dev/pts/0) you might get the following message when trying to execute logname:

logname: could not get login name

It appears that rlogind doesn't update /etc/utmp This of course appears to be intermittent if you have several clients doing rlogins, the first one that uses /dev/pts/0 will have the problem, the other will probably be fine. This is more of a problem if you are using the logname command in something like /etc/profile

Only noticed this on 11.23 (both IA and PA platforms). Both had PHNE_32818 installed. A possible fix is PHNE_33792, but I couldn't test it. A workaround is to use the variable $LOGNAME instead of the command logname.

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