RightFax Fax Cover Sheet conversion issues

The workservers would hang or crash when using Microsoft Word to convert the FCS.  You couldn't stop them in the Enterprise Fax Manager; they would just stay in a "stopping" state.  You would have to kill the workserver.exe processes.  Converting these to the RightFax native PCL format solved the issue and increased the stability and performance of RightFax in a huge way.


FCS (Fax Cover Sheets) are stored in Rightfax\FCS.  The source (word document) file is in a subfolder of FCS.  Typically the cover sheet should be PCL format.  See the AdministratorsGuide.pdf for details on how to create a FCS.


Using the built-in Windows 2000 HP LaserJet 4000 PCL driver produced the best results for us.


Here are some articles from Captaris that are useful:

190 - How do I run a RightFax 8.x or 9.0 WorkServer in Debug Mode?

3537 - Important information on Server Side Application (SSA) conversion using Microsoft Office applications


Basically don't use Word to do your fax cover sheet (FCS) conversion…..

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