swinstall and rpc exception communications error

error when doing an swinstall:
       * Beginning Selection
ERROR:   RPC exception: "Communications failure (dce / rpc)" 11/24/06
         17:27:01 PST
ERROR:   A Remote Procedure Call to a daemon has failed.  Could not
         start a management session for "myhost:/".  Make sure the host
         is accessible from the network, and that its daemon, swagentd,
         is running.
       * Target connection failed for "myhost:/".
ERROR:   More information may be found in the daemon logfile on this
         target (default location is myhost:/var/adm/sw/swagentd.log).
       * Selection had errors.

fix by restarting swagentd:
/sbin/init.d/swagentd stop
/sbin/init.d/swagentd start

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