Gmail browser cache full message

Message from gmail after logging in:  Your browser's cache is full and may interfere with your Gmail experience.  Fix this   Hide

This only happens when using Gmail via the secure https method: https://mail.google.com/mail

caused by the Advanced option in Internet Explorer (in IE: tools/internet options/Advanced tab, security section) setting:  "Do not save encrypted pages to disk"  When this option is checked, gmail believes the cache is full because the pages won't be saved to disk, thus gmail thinks the cache is full.  Uncheck the box or ignore/hide the error message.


Michael said...

Thank you!!! You were right, it worked!!

Graham M said...

It also happens when accessing it through http://mail.google.com on ie7. The only way to get rid of it is to access it through the secure http url with hat above setting unchecked. Which is a bitch because google toolbar sends you to http:// and not https://.