Adding CPU / RAM to ES45 Alpha Server

1.      shutdown, turn off and unplug power
2.      insert  hardware  -  see pages 129-140 of the ES45 manual: 
3.      at chevron >>>  show config | more    and    show memory
4.      After boot:
  psrinfo –v  (processor info)
  vmstat -P  (Physical memory info)
  dxsysinfo -dash  (X windows display of CPU / memory activity)
5.      If you receive a “too many users logged on already” you may have to add the License PAK codes that were shipped with the cpu.  As root, run lmfsetup and enter the codes from the PAK.  After successfully entering the codes, it will ask to run an “lmf reset”, say yes and it will load the licenses into the kernel cache.

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